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Vicinity of Patricia Drive in Urbandale
Just did a radon 4 day test and results were 12.7 pCi/L. I think I had better get that looked into. So call/email for an appointment to discuss mitigation.
Vicinity of Townsend in Urbandale
Radon levels are too high.
Vicinity of Monroe CT in Urbandale
I had elevated radon levels between 4 and 5 when doing a home inspection. Would like to get an estimate on radon mitigation system.
Vicinity of in Urbandale
Radon test results were 4.2. Would like an estimate.This home is 4 years old and is set up with exhaust through the roof.
Vicinity of Oak Brook Dr in Urbandale
Interested in having home tested, Have noticed a few home in area have systems.
Vicinity of in Urbandale
We have a new home built in March of 2013 and it is pre-plumb for mitigation system. Need a quote for a system to be installed to what is already set up.
Vicinity of Madison Ave in Urbandale
Want to get our home tested
Vicinity of Alpine Dr in Urbandale
We are purchasing a home with a radon reading of 4.8. We are interested in the cost of a radon mitigation system.
Vicinity of Madison Ave in Urbandale
Selling our home. Radon test was 7.6 Want estimate for mitigation
Vicinity of in Urbandale
We need radon remediation at our house. Currently we're at a 5.
Vicinity of in Urbandale
Selling house. need test
Vicinity of in Urbandale
We would like to test our various buildings on the property.
Vicinity of in Urbandale
We are looking for quotes on a radon mitigation system for our house
Vicinity of Alpine Dr. in Urbandale
I would like my property tested for radon and would like to understand what the dangers are at various levels. Thank you.
Vicinity of Winston Ct in Urbandale
Anxious to have a radon evaluation done in my home. I would appreciate a call to set a time for the testing/evaluation Thank you
Vicinity of in Urbandale
Want a quote for a radon migration system installed in a house in Urbandale.
Vicinity of Sherry LN in Urbandale
Bought home in December, had tested for radon. Had elevated levels of radon. looking to have a mitigation system installed. Thanks, Z
Vicinity of in Urbandale
Hi, I'm looking to find out how much it would cost for a radon test to be done in a home that I'm looking to purchase? Thanks, Kenny
Vicinity of in Urbandale
New home. Pre-plumbed for mitigation system. Need to have system and set up done in our home.
Vicinity of Tanglewood Dr in Urbandale
Vicinity of Oakwood Drive in Urbandale
We have tested high for radon and selling house Need a reasonably priced solution to mitigate.
Vicinity of in Urbandale
We have done one short term radon test in the house (basement level) using Prolabs and our levels came back at 33. I run a sewing business in the basement and spend most of my time down there. We will be conducting another short term test but want to see what needs to be done to get the ball rolling. This is my busiest season (i make christmas stockings) so I am freaking out. Any input would be helpful.
Vicinity of in Urbandale
We are selling our house and our radon test came back at 7.0 we need an estimate on a mitigation system to get it down to 4.0
Vicinity of Goodman Drive in Urbandale
...just want to know our radon levels. We're considering our basement as a bedroom.
Vicinity of Prairie Ave in Urbandale
We sold our home, buyers did radon test and results were 4.5 - we agreed to mitigate so looking for cost estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Patricia Drive in Urbandale
One home in our condo association has been told their unit has radon in excess of the allow amount. I am wondering about our unit, although it is not in the same building and is positioned differently on the site. I am also puzzled how homes without basements, built on concrete slabs, can be infiltrated by radon gas. Thank you
Vicinity of Mill Pond Dr. in Urbandale
I would like to have my basement tested for Radon.
Vicinity of Buena Vista Dr. in Urbandale
I administered two radon tests in my finished basement and had them processed through alpha energy labs and resulted in levels of 4.1 pCi/L and 7.6 pCi/L. I would like a free Radon Mitigation Quote as I am not sure how to approach fixing the problem. Thank you.
Vicinity of Airline Ave in Urbandale
Home is on the market and we just completed a 48 hour test. Test Summary Start Time: 06/15/2012 08:20 Overall Avg: 10.8 pCi/l End Time: 06/18/2012 08:20 EPA Avg: 10.8 pCi/l We need to quickly implement a mitigation system as we had no idea the levels were so high. We have a finished basement that we use all of the time. Thank you, Joel & Dana
Vicinity of Dellwood Dr. in Urbandale
Reviewing estimates for radon mitigation services. Thank you.

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