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If you are concerned about radon beneath your home and you want to keep your family safe you are in the right place! Neighbors Heating, Cooling and Plumbing are your local experts for radon mitigation. You can count on us to identify the cause of your radon problem and to also come up with a permanent radon mitigation solution to give you and your family peace of mind. If you have radon mitigation concerns and would like to ensure the safety of your family don't hesitate to call or click. Our team of radon mitigation experts is only a phone call away and the best part is that we offer FREE estimates so don't wait any longer, click here or call us at 1-515-232-7777:

Why Radon is Such an Issue:

  • Radon is undetectable to the naked eye
  • Radon is naturally occurring
  • Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer
  • Professional testing is required
  • Radon is commonly found in Marshalltown & nearby
Work Requests From Marshalltown, IA
Vicinity of in Marshalltown
Vicinity of Thomas Dr in Marshalltown
Did a mail in radon test and it came back with a 12.5 score.
Vicinity of in Marshalltown
Had a radon test done when we purchased the home January 2014. We can provide those results if needed
Vicinity of COPPOCK PARK RD in Marshalltown
I've conducted two tests with Pro-Lab and AccuStar. Both came back showing elevated levels of radon; 8.7 and 13.0 pCi/L respectively. These were in two different areas of the basement. I'm looking for a quote to install a mitigation system. Best regards, Mark Janssen
Vicinity of Marshalltown Blvd in Marshalltown
Estimate and explanation of radon mitigation system
Vicinity of West Ferner in Marshalltown
I had a radon test complete during my home inspection and the results were 9. I'd like a quote for a radon mitigation system.
Vicinity of Degebrook Drive in Marshalltown
We received a radon test back from AccuStar indicating the level was too high.
Vicinity of Odessa Drive in Marshalltown
Need radon testing before m\home is sold.
Vicinity of in Marshalltown
Radon teat at 36.5 pci/l
Vicinity of Nelson Rd in Marshalltown
Need check levels and if hi. Instal the mitigation system.
Vicinity of Harmony Drive in Marshalltown
Radon test to determine need for mitigation
Vicinity of in Marshalltown
Need to have a mitigation system installed. Want an assessment done.
Vicinity of New Salem Rd in Marshalltown
Referred by Phyllis Lane. Did home test but wanted you to test again. Is your test at no charge?
Vicinity of Stratford Ln. in Marshalltown
We have an accepted offer to purchase the home at the above address. During the home inspection a radon test was performed and the conclusion of the test finds readings above generally acceptable levels. The house is occupied, and I will have to make arrangements with the current owners in order to proceed with a site visit. Please let me know a time and date and I will make these arrangements. Thank you
Vicinity of Patterson Ln in Marshalltown
I need a mitigation system. Did a home carbon test @ 108 days = 4.6 pCi/L
Vicinity of in Marshalltown
We recently did a 4 day test and the results showed that our radon level is high~~~~15. We are considering what we should do about this and would like a free estimate so that we know what kind of costs we are talking about, before we decide where to go from here. Thanks.
Vicinity of Vance Ave in Marshalltown
We had a home radon test come back high. Would like to get a free estimate on a mitigation system.
Vicinity of Greenfield Dr in Marshalltown
We are selling our home and the home inspection showed high levels of radon using a short-term test. We'd like to get a quote for mitigation services since we will need to take care of the problem before the closing. Our desired closing date is October 3, 2012 so we are hoping to get working on this ASAP. Thanks!
Vicinity of Patterson Ln in Marshalltown
I used a short-term 90day test. received results of 4.6 pCi/L. I would like a consultation. Thank you.
Vicinity of West Church St. in Marshalltown
We tested our basement with a Walmart test and got a 12. We are in the basement all the time, it is a finished basement.

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