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Vicinity of in Ankeny
We are only testing at 2.0 right now, and we have a mitigation system installed, we just need the fan installed into the PVC. How low could we get our levels with the fan installed? What would that cost?
Vicinity of in Ankeny
Just wondering about getting our basement tested for radon.
Vicinity of NW Jackson Dr in Ankeny
Would like a free estimate/quote for a radon mitigation system. Please use email (not phone) for initial communication.
Vicinity of South East Wanda Drive in Ankeny
Radon mitigation
Vicinity of in Ankeny
My neighbor has had a radon system put it because of high levels. I would like to have my home tested to ensure there are not high levels present.
Vicinity of SW Springfield Dr in Ankeny
Radon test was 10 PC/I. We would like a quote for a radon mitigation system installed in our home.
Vicinity of NE Canterbury Dr in Ankeny
We are purchasing this home and plan to close on June 24th. We had a radon test performed at inspection and the level came back at 8.9.
Vicinity of SW Des Moines Street in Ankeny
Im Inquiring about the cost of a radon inspection for a one story home built in 1940 with 806 square Feet.
Vicinity of SW Westlawn Dr. in Ankeny
Had radon measurement of 11.+.
Vicinity of in Ankeny
High readings in basement .
Vicinity of NE Williamsburg Dr in Ankeny
Would like to get the radon level tested in my house to see if we need to get a mitigation system installed.
Vicinity of NW Watercrest Dr in Ankeny
I would like a free estimate for a radon mitigation system
Vicinity of Nw Abilene Rd in Ankeny
Would like a quote on radon instal
Vicinity of in Ankeny
Testing shows elevated levels on home that we will sell. Need estimate on mitigation.
Vicinity of SW. Sharmin Dr. in Ankeny
I need a Radon mitigation system installed and would like an estimate
Vicinity of in Ankeny
We are in the process of finishing our basement and wanted to have a radon test completed before to much progress is made in case of needing a system installed.
Vicinity of SE Belmont Dr in Ankeny
I would like an estimate for radon mitigation in my home.
Vicinity of SW Snyder Blvd in Ankeny
What do you charge to check radon levels in home and if high, what is the cost of keeping it under control
Vicinity of NW Abilene Rd in Ankeny
We have done 2 inhome radon tests. First was elevated at 8(Cant remember measurment) done last Fall. A retest taken about 2 weeks ago came in at 11. Looking for estimates to install venting system into home.
Vicinity of in Ankeny
We bought our house a year ago. At that time it was tested (if I recall we tested at a 6). We are in need of a mitigation system. Do you install new ones? If yes, what is the cost?
Vicinity of in Ankeny
House is 3 years old, recently finished out basement. Would like to get quote for radon mitigation since will be utilizing basement more. Would also like to add battery sump pump back up as well.
Vicinity of SW Logan St in Ankeny
Almost a 100 year old home will be selling in next 2 to 5 years. Have a finished room in the basement that family spends evenings in so want to prepare the house for sale and feel comfortable having family spend time in the family room in the basement.
Vicinity of NE Rio Dr in Ankeny
Radon tests say the level is at 9.7 and 11.3. Our basement is finished. The utility room is unfinished and has access to the attic through a vertical 'tunnel' for the duct work.
Vicinity of SE Sharon Dr in Ankeny
Recent radon testing identified our house a level 7.0 and we're interested in mitigation systems. We'd like a quote from your firm.
Vicinity of NE Cottonwood Ln in Ankeny
Just checking
Vicinity of NW Bramble Rd in Ankeny
We've tested for higher radon and are interested in getting an estimate to install a mitigation system.
Vicinity of Ne Hanover Ct in Ankeny
Our radon level has tested between 4 and 5. We want to install radon mitigation system.
Vicinity of Scott Street in Ankeny
We have tested positive twice at level 10.
Vicinity of SW Meadowlark Ct in Ankeny
What is the cost of just the test?
Vicinity of NW Greenwood St. in Ankeny
I am looking to have an estimate completed to reduce Radon with radon mitigation levels 4.4 pCi/L
Vicinity of in Ankeny
Buying a house and the radon levels tested 5.7
Vicinity of NE Briar Creek Place in Ankeny
I would just like the radon level in our home tested to see if further action is required.
Vicinity of SE Cherry Blossom in Ankeny
I'm concerned about our radon levels and would like a test to see if we are ok. I'm also an asthma sufferer and am interested in what systems you can offer to help w/ that...
Vicinity of in Ankeny
I did test and have very high level of radon .
Vicinity of SW Meadow Ridge in Ankeny
I had completed a radon test from the kit that you can get at Menards or Home Depot. I sent the tubes to a lab in Kansas City and they came back with a rating of 5. I wasn't sure how to mitigate the problem or if the test was accurate? My daughter sleeps in the basement.
Vicinity of SW Applewood Street in Ankeny
We have had a home inspection which indicates we have high radon levels. I am interested in a quote to have a radon mitigation system placed in our home.
Vicinity of Ne Michael Drive in Ankeny
We have a 2 story house with basement. Basement has 2 small windows, but it closed off besides that. We had radon testing when we purchased the house one year ago..levels were low, but above what I am comfortable with. Would like a mitigation system installed.
Vicinity of Fairway Circle in Ankeny
The house we are buying tested 4.5 for radon so we need quote on mitigation system
Vicinity of NE Milligan Lane in Ankeny
I need a Radon Mitigation system installed in a townhome, and would like a quote.
Vicinity of in Ankeny
We had a radon test as part of an inspection to sell our house. Our levels are high so I am looking for a quote on putting in a mitigation system. Thank you,
Vicinity of Ne Bellagio Dr in Ankeny
A radon test was performed on our home and our radon reading is 5.7 pCi/L, please give us a call concerning reducing the reading to the acceptable levels.

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