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Vicinity of Hilltop in Ames
Two radon tests in basement a year apart, both around 8 PCI/l. Small older house, small budget- hope you can help!
Vicinity of Stafford Ave in Ames
The basement was tested for Radon and was at 5.6 pCi/L. I was wondering what options I have available and what an estimate on a mitigation system might be. I can be reached by email or phone anytime
Vicinity of Douglas in Ames
Did a radon self test and results were around 11. Doing a second test this week for a shorter time frame. Might a system installed.
Vicinity of Aspen Circle in Ames
We are moving into a home that we will be closing on soon, and the tested radon levels are high.So we interested in a quote for radon mitigation
Vicinity of Harrison Rd in Ames
Purchased home two years ago. Was informed radon levels would likely require mitigation system. Out of town until January 10th. Would like to discuss typical costs and set up time for inspection.
Vicinity of Maryland St. in Ames
This house I am looking at to buy had an average radon reading of 12.7 and I am looking to get an estimate on what it would cost to install a radon mitigation system.
Vicinity of Ironwood Court in Ames
Test to see if we have a problem
Vicinity of Judy Drive in Ames
We have tested for,radon and need remediation.
Vicinity of Ferndale Ave in Ames
I am interested in the costs of installing a Radon Mitigation System in my home.
Vicinity of Johnson St in Ames
I am wondering if the house I life in is radon safe
Vicinity of Stevenson Drive in Ames
Home for sale with 1700 square feet finished living space in basement.
Vicinity of Clayton Dr in Ames
We are buying this property and would like an estimate to include a radon mitigation system in the house. How long does installation take? Etc, Thanks a lot
Vicinity of Coolidge Dr. in Ames
Would like to have radon testing done in our home.
Vicinity of Southdale Drive in Ames
Selling town home and radon test came back 6+ Would like a quote. Thanks
Vicinity of Southdale Dr. in Ames
We just purchased this town house, and had our inspection done. The radon test showed an average of 6.9 for the radon levels, and we were curious what the cost of getting the mitigation system installed would be. We will be asking the seller the cover the costs, but I want an idea of cost just in case we need to do anything. Thank you!
Vicinity of Buchanan Dr. in Ames
No concerns. Would like to see what it cost to test for radon.
Vicinity of in Ames
I would like an estimate on installing a radon mitigation system in my home.
Vicinity of Cottonwood Rd in Ames
Would you please give me a quote for radon mitigation system? We have a full basement, the house is less than 5 years old and it tested at between 5-6 pCi/L. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Ames
I would be interested in getting a quote on a radon mitigation system
Vicinity of Arizona Circle in Ames
I did a home radon test. Results were 5.9. I would like to have your free estimate before doing the mitigation. Thank you for your help.
Vicinity of Teagarden Drive in Ames
We are selling our house and the inspection found radon levels higher than recommended. We need an idea of what it would cost to have this mitigated. The house is a three bedroom split level with a finished basement and crawl space.
Vicinity of Ridgetop CIr in Ames
We have a radon test via PRO-LAB with this result (one test only) HAS COMPLETED YOUR RADON ANALYSIS. YOUR AVERAGE RADON LEVEL IS: 10.0 pCi/L Should we run a 2nd test from another part of the basement?
Vicinity of Polk Dr. in Ames
Bought home in 2006. Has since finished the basement in my ranch home. Basement was tested for Radon and found higher than average levels.
Vicinity of Poe Avenue in Ames
Our last Radon reading was 4.5
Vicinity of Maryland St in Ames
Had a high result of radon come back from home inspection. Would like a free quote on installing a radon mitigation system.
Vicinity of Hemingway Dr. in Ames
We recently bought the house at the above address. Prior to purchase, we had a radon test conducted which showed an average level of 11.9 pCi/l. We're interested in getting a mitigation system installed.
Vicinity of in Ames
I would like to get an estimate for radon mitigation in my home. Thanks, Betty
Vicinity of Story St. in Ames
Interested in Radon quote, also Dryer vent installation.
Vicinity of Tennessee in Ames
Our home test results were 13.3
Vicinity of Aspen Rd, in Ames
I am willing to buy a condo that happens to have a radon level of 5 pCi/L. Could you, please, give a radon mitiagation quote? Thanks for your time!
Vicinity of Nevada Circle in Ames
We would like to schedule a Radon test.
Vicinity of Northwestern Ave. in Ames
Please call or write for appt to present installatoin ideas, scope and estimate. No huge hurry.

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