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Radon Contractor Saves Prairie City School from Dangerous Radon Levels

Neighbors Heating, Cooling and Plumbing helps middle school create a safe environment through radon remediation.

Ames, IA - November 19, 2012

Radon Contractor Saves Prairie City School from Dangerous Radon Levels - Image 1Thanks to the radon mitigation services of Neighbors Heating, Cooling and Plumbing; the Prairie City Monroe Middle School is now equipped to ward off the dangers of radon gas.

After radon tests revealed high levels of radon throughout the school, Neighbors went to work installing 12 mitigation systems each one unique depending on the building layout and the layout of the footing beneath the building.

Neighbors was eager to help out the people in Prairie City when circumstances revealed the potential dangers of radon. A state registered day care center had plans to move into the school building and, since they are mandated by the Department of Human Services, radon testing was required. When the results came back positive for high levels of radon, the principal was prompted to test the entire school. In addition, the principal is beginning treatment for what is being projected as radon-induced lung cancer.

Justin Jobe, Radon Mitigation Expert at Neighbors, is quoted as saying, "There were several levels of concern here because of the daycare facility as well as the principal of the school, a 33-year-old female and non-smoker named Stephanie, who has recently begun treatment for lung cancer…This is a hot topic in the small town of Prairie City, Iowa and we are here to help.”

The topic, in fact, was the subject of a recently-aired news report on Iowa’s WHO-TV, warning Iowa residents about the high risk of radon present in that state’s homes and other buildings, urging everyone to have testing done. The report featured Neighbors in their role of helping out the school, the town and its people.

Neighbors Heating, Cooling and Plumbing specializes in providing personalized radon mitigation, testing, and abatement services designed to make homes, businesses, and schools healthier and safer for the local residents. Inspection and testing can be accomplished in as little as two days without interruption to daily activities. As members of the National Radon Defense network, Neighbors can be relied on for their professional service and quality workmanship.

Neighbors Heating, Cooling and Plumbing serves customers throughout Iowa including Urbandale, Des Moines, AnkenyClive, Altoona, Indianola, Prairie City, and more.

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